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The CÉPROCQ website meets the Web accessibility standards of the Gouvernement du Québec and thus ensures its accessibility for persons with disabilities or major technical restrictions. It complies with the HTML and CSS standards and is designed to be compatible with desktop computers, tablets and laptops.

Among the rules applied to ensure the accessibility of its content, the CÉPROCQ website includes the following elements, in particular:

Voice synthesizers

The site can be read by voice synthesizers and Braille displays.

Text size

For persons with low vision, we recommend adjusting the website’s text size with a button located in the right-hand corner of the site.


  • Information provided in colour is also accessible without colour, by means of other text characteristics or images: borders, underlining, bold, font, etc.
  • The background and foreground colour contrast level is high enough for persons with a colour deficiency or for display on a black and white screen.
  • No screen oscillation phenomenon is likely to cause problems for persons with photosensitive epilepsy.


  • A text equivalent is provided for all significant images when they are not described precisely in the text they illustrate.
  • The layout uses invisible images.
  • The images are used only when no other HTML element exists to allow transmission of the information concerned.


The site content is legible in French or in English. Select the language in the upper right-hand corner of the site. Language changes in a text are indicated by the necessary HTML markup. The main language of each page is specified with the required attributes.

Structure and presentation

  • The site layout largely depends on the use of external style sheets, allowing retention of a uniform presentation style throughout the site.
  • The pages are structured with logical HTML markup.

Navigation and links

  • The site plan is accessible from each page.
  • The navigation menus reflect the information structure.
  • The adjacent links, whenever possible, are separated by printable characters to avoid their confusion by assistance technologies.

Online form

  • Each visible element of the form is associated with a heading.

Compliance with different browsers

The website was tested on:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 11 running on Windows;
  • Firefox running on Windows and MacOS;
  • Safari running on MacOS;
  • Chrome running on Windows and MacOS.


Need assistance?

For any accessibility problem, please contact us.