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For Engineers and Technologists

CÉPROCQ offers technical seminars for engineers and technologists, divided into three parts:

  • instrumentation
  • regulation
  • process command-control


As an engineer, you can determine the training activities you want to follow, with the objective of maintaining, improving or diversifying your competencies.


All CÉPROCQ training activities are complementary and adapt to your specific training objectives. They can be offered at your company or at CÉPROCQ.


 Why choose CÉPROCQ seminars?

  •  For a practical educational approach

Geared to the modern practitioner’s needs, training activities call on applied mathematical models to solve technical problems.


  • installation of sensor-transmitters (maintenance)
  • PID settings
  • Hart communications
  • configuration-adjustment
  • Must a digital positioner be connected to the previous point?
  • DEM transmitter
  • ultrasound (choosing the right echo)


  • For equipment on the technological cutting edge

CÉPROCQ has sophisticated facilities with quality industrial equipment using the most modern technologies.


  • For recognized training

CÉPROCQ’s exclusive technical seminars are eligible for the continuing education program of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ).


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