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Services Adapted to Industry

CÉPROCQ researchers have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the chemical process industry’s needs. By offering customized training in workplaces and responding to specialized research mandates, they know the problems encountered by operators and remain focused on the companies’ changing realities. They form an expert multidisciplinary team to define, guide and structure the approach of the research or training project based on a specific problem in a given company.


They can therefore offer you adapted services, such as:

  • Exploring and researching new ways to produce or solve production-related problems.
  • Ensuring training adapted to the realities of industrial chemical processes.
  • Providing technical assistance to make informed technological choices, resulting in savings of time and money.
  • Making its specialized analysis services available to you.
  • Identifying research and development grants for which you could be eligible.
  • Evaluating your requests quickly while remaining accessible.


Doing business with CÉPROCQ means undertaking a relationship based on trust with a team who will work with you so that you achieve your strategic objectives.